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Why Wireless Charging Furniture Will Be a Huge Trend in 2017

With everything going wireless these days, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the next cord to go away might be your smartphone charger. The talk amidst phone companies about wireless charging phones has furniture designers contemplating new features for next season’s pieces. But why are we so excited? -wireless charging furniture

In a world where most people have their mobile phone constantly at hand, furniture that charges our devices for us means no more leaving our phones next to an outlet, where we might miss an important call or text. With a piece like the Ikea RIGGAD wireless charging work lamp sitting right on the desk, busy smartphone owners can just set their device on the indicated spot to recharge.

And this isn’t your grandmother’s telephone table. The furniture that’s receiving this multi-purpose overhaul is already what many of us want in our homes. Minimalist designs that appeal to our inner decorator, even pieces we may already have, will now be twice as useful.

Take the IKEA Bedside table SELJE, for instance. This new bedside table with a built-in wireless charger(wireless charging furniture) should appeal to those with minimalist tendencies, by eliminating the need for tangled, messy, dangling cords.

Companies like Ikea are also taking consumer budgets into consideration with this endeavor. In addition to furniture with built-in chargers, they’re offering add-ons to older generation furniture, which can turn your current end table or floor lamp into a wireless charger with the addition of a simple, unobtrusive pad.

Alternately, by drilling a hole into any wooden surface, chargers can be inserted to lie almost flush against the surface of any table or desk.

But private use isn’t the only reason wireless charging furniture is destined to take off in 2017. Imagine you’re out and about with a friend when your phone suddenly dies. If your device is capable of wireless charging, or outfitted with a special case, these innovative companies plan to be there for you, wherever you are.

They hope to have their special wireless charging furniture available in cafes, offices, and airports, built right into the tables, practically invisible, for our constant convenience.

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